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The Basics to Starting A Vinyl Business

The Basics to Starting A Vinyl Business

Are you looking to earn additional money or to start an at-home business? Do you love crafting, creating, and turning an idea into reality? Happy Crafters can help! A vinyl business is an amazing way to earn extra cash in your spare time.

What Can I Make?

There are a lot of ways to make extra money with a craft cutter such as a Silhouette Cameo or Cricut (or any other craft vinyl cutter). You can make so many different things with these machines that you are never limited to what you can offer with your new business.


o   T-shirts & Custom Apparel

o   Sports team jerseys for schools

o   Personalized shirts

o   Monogram shirts/outfits

o   Local business shirts

o   Your own business shirts for marketing yourself

o   Safety Apparel (Reflective)

o   Car Decals

o   Custom Mugs, Cups, & Tumblers

o   Stickers

o   Signs

o   Store Window Display Signs

o    Labels

o   Wall Decor

o   Removable Wall Graphics

o   Stencils for Painting

o   Card Making

o   Home Décor

o   Throw Pillows

o   Tea Towels

o   Canvas Signs

o   Mirrors

o   Wooden Signs

o   Party Decorations

o   Banners

o   Paper Flowers

o   Gifts for Everyone! Save money by making all of your gifts.


You’re amazed by all the awesome things you can make, aren’t you? Well, you’ll be even more amazed at how little you need to get started.



What Do I Need?

To get started, you need a craft cutting machine such as the Silhouette Cameo or the Cricut.

There are some differences between the two machines in terms of software and functions, but essentially they will both do all of the projects mentioned above.

The Cameo comes with everything you need to get started. It’s user friendly software Is included, as well as a cutting mat and cutting blade. There are tons of resources available online to get started, plus you have us. ;)


You also need a heat press if you plan on creating a t-shirt business or making custom apparel items. You can use a household iron, however, once you begin selling items you will want to use a heat press in order to ensure you are producing quality and durable items to your customers. You want them to come back to you for their next order, right?


With the research you’ll begin doing, you will find that there are a ton of heat press options out there. My advice is just to simply do what makes most sense for you. Consider price, quality, warranty, size, how quickly you can see a return on your investment, and where your business might be down the road.


Cricut’s Easypress is a budget friendly option for the average crafter, however, it is not a heat press – meaning it does not provide pressure (a key function for heat applying vinyl). If you intend on doing this for a business, I would recommend a heat press to ensure correct application with no guess-work.


You’ll need heat transfer vinyl (for shirts and fabric items) and adhesive sticky vinyl (stickers, decals, cups). You’ll also need a few accessories like a weeding tool, lil chizler, and cover sheet.


You can consider Happy Crafters your one-stop-shop. We even sell tons of blank T-shirts and accessories like tote bags.

It’s a low startup cost for a business that you can quickly pay off and start making money!



Where Do I Find Help?

Call us. Text Us. Email Us. We’re always here to help.

Not sure what you need? Need a better explanation of the equipment? Need help finding the right materials? Need more resources? We’ve got your back!


More Resources

Here’s a few more blogs to check out that will give you great beginners advice:

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Join Facebook groups for vinyl crafters/vinyl businesses. They offer valuable information, tips & tricks, and inspiration. Crafting Up Profit is a great one to start out with! 

Stay in the loop and sign up for our newsletter for new blogs, information, new products, and exclusive discounts.

Check out YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram for more ideas, inspiration, tutorials, and advice. There’s a ton of super helpful bloggers out there too that give fantastic info and pointers.



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