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School Spirit Tee

The kids are back in school, and all of the fall sports are in full swing. So I decided to make my daughter who is running cross country this year a fun t-shirt with heat transfer vinyl from Happy Crafters
For this project you will need:
Happy Face Glitter Iron On Vinyl ~ Rust Bling from Happy Crafters
Happy Face Iron On Vinyl ~ Cloud White from Happy Crafters
black t-shirt
Silhouette CAMEO
The first thing you'll need to do is open up your Silhouette software. I used this image from the Silhouette online store. I only wanted to use the top arrow for my shirt.


So I selected object & then ungroup. I deleted all of the other arrows, & then I was left with the one I wanted. :)
Next I clicked the text button & added the letters XC for cross country in the Arial font.


I moved the XC over my arrow, & then I clicked on the weld button along the bottom of my screen. I love this tool. It actually welds your images together into one image! This makes it so much easier to cut & apply.


Next I added the word blackhawk along the top using the KG Always a Good Time font. I also welded this word together for one continuous cut.


Next I clicked object, then transform & then mirror option to flip my words backwards. This is an important step when using heat transfer vinyl especially when you have words. You'll want them to cut backwards.


Next I made sure that my Silhouette was set to cut heat transfer vinyl. TIP: You will not need to use a mat when you cut heat transfer vinyl. Then I fed my heat transfer vinyl into my machine making sure that I put the shiny side down & the dull side up.
After I cut my vinyl I weeded the excess vinyl off, & now I was ready to apply my vinyl to my shirt. 


Then using a hot iron, I ironed until the heat transfer material adhered to my t-shirt. TIP: Make sure you put a pillow case or dish towel between the iron & the heat transfer vinyl.

You have to patient with this step & take your time. Once my vinyl starting sticking I slowly peeled the backing paper away leaving the vinyl on my shirt. Love it! :)
While I was at it I made this cute cheer bag for my youngest daughter who is cheering for the first time this year. She will LOVE using this bag to hold all of her gear.


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