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Masculine Rugged Cut Files | New SVG Cut Files

Masculine Rugged Cut Files | New SVG Cut Files

When I first saw this new rugged cut file pack, I knew I had to combine this Adventure arrowhead with the gorgeous matte finish of the Craft Perfect Heat Transfer Vinyl. When it comes to shirt designs, I really love looks that feel more minimalistic or masculine. I just always prefer a simple shirt design.

htv designs for men

I chose to use the arrowhead design so that I could create a one-color design on the front of the shirt but a two-color design on the back. Since my goal was to create a super soft t-shirt that I could wear while hanging out around a bonfire or on a hike, I wanted a blank shirt that was both soft and comfortable, plus affordable. That was easy, I went with the Bella+Canvas unisex t-shirt.


What I Used:


When I was ready to start cutting and weeding, I opened the Rugged SVG in Silhouette Studio. I then sized the arrowhead for both the front, left chest design, and the full back design. I also separated the word “explore” on the back design so that I could cut that out of the Henna Craft Perfect heat transfer vinyl.

When I was happy with my sizing and my design, I sent it to cut! I cut the colors individually since I was using full sheets of heat transfer vinyl. After cutting, I weeded out my design, and let my heat press warm up to 305ºF. Once it was hot, I was ready to press!

I slipped my heat printing pillow inside the t-shirt to keep the seams from causing pressure issues. Left chest designs can be problematic without a pillow because of the seams from the neck and the sleeves. I started by pressing the front design for 15 seconds. Then I spun the shirt around and pressed the Marine Blue part of the back design for 3 seconds and peeled it hot. Then I layered the Henna HTV on top, covered it with a reusable cover sheet, and pressed the entire back for 15 seconds.   

htv ideas for men

Now that my shirt was done, I was ready to get outside and do some exploring!

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