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January Wrap Up | What Did You Miss?

January Wrap Up | What Did You Miss?

Happy Crafters is always trying to improve both our craft vinyl product offering for our lovely customers, as well as our customer service. We want you to succeed in your business, and we want you to always have the best and newest htv products on the market! In addition to new products, we want you to be able to download free content that will help your business succeed.
January was a really busy month for Happy Crafters, and we want to make sure you didn’t miss out on any of the amazing things going on here! So, here are the things you may have missed!
  1. Siser® Distributor
  2. Blank Apparel
  3. Cranberry Metallic HTV
  4. Unicorn Cut File
  5. New Pattern HTV
  6. Applying to Denim
  7. New Opal Adhesive
  8. 2 Step Foil 
  9. 50% off Arctic Green HTV
  10. Free How to Sell Your Crafts Ebook


1. Happy Crafters is now a Siser® Distributor

Did you know that now Happy Crafters carries all of your favorite Siser® Heat Transfer Vinyl in rolls? That’s right, now you can buy your htv in bulk. Siser® Glitter HTV, Easyweed HTV, and Brick are here already, but there is more to come in the future!
2. Blank Apparel is Now Available!
Finding quality blanks at a great price can be tough when you’re a small business, but it doesn’t have to be. We had heard time and time again that our customers were having a hard time sourcing wholesale garments without a tax ID, so we wanted to help. Now you can shop from thousands of blank apparel products right alongside your favorite HTV & adhesive vinyl. 
Happy Crafters blank apparel doesn’t require a tax ID to purchase. Blank apparel does ship for free over $75, but there is a $3.95 handling fee per apparel order. Plus, you still earn reward points on your apparel purchases! Tired of sourcing your products from 20 different companies? This is the solution!
3. New Exclusive Metallic Cranberry HTV
Along with trying to carry the best and brightest HTV, we are always on the lookout for the next most popular and desired color. This month, we released a new Metallic Cranberry HTV that is exclusive to Happy Crafters. This warm, red heat transfer vinyl is perfect for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, school colors, and more!
While we try to launch a few free cut files every month, none of them have ever been as desired as this free unicorn SVG cut file! This unicorn was hand drawn by our amazing graphic designer and is sure to look perfect no matter what you apply it to. Download your free copy with commercial rights here!
5. New Pattern HTV is Here! 
The same patterns that you know and love are still here, but they are more economical, thinner, and softer! There is one major difference though, these patterns do not come masked anymore. In an effort to keep our prices low, which in turn helps you make more profit, HTV patterns are no longer masked. What does this mean?
Now you will not mirror your designs. You’ll send your designs to cut with the printed design facing up. Then you’ll weed away the excess vinyl as normal. After weeding, you’ll cover your design with our heat transfer mask. This is the same mask that used to be pre-applied to the htv pattern.
After masking, you’ll transfer the design to your shirt, bag, or other surface and iron or heat press as normal! 
Before going to Creativation, we created a crazy, vintage feeling denim jacket for our in-house coffee lover. Little did we know, we were ahead of the trends for the season. At Creativation we learned that patches and enamel pins have made one crazy come back this year.
What are they applying to? Denim jackets! Learn how you can stay on trend and apply htv to denim to set your shop apart. You could even create HTV transfers that you could sell on Etsy with simple instructions on how to apply. After all, they apply just like iron on patches that are all the rage right now, except, they’re cheaper and easier to customize!
This new adhesive vinyl has quickly become a best seller. This Opal Foil Adhesive Vinyl is available in three colors: Blue Opal, White Opal, and Pink Opal. This opal vinyl looks amazing on just about anything. We love it on water bottles, notebooks, and ring dishes most of all! 

While Foil HTV looks great, sometimes it can be a pain to work with. Some people also think it's a little too heavy for a full front design, but we have a solution! The new 2 Step Foil Heat Transfer is thinner, easier to work with, and comes in a wider variety of colors & patterns. 
2 Step Foil works by first cutting and applying the adhesive layer. The adhesive layer works just like our Standard HTV. Once you have applied the adhesive layer, you simply cover the area with the Foil of your choice, then press.
Want to go a step above? Crinkle up your first foil layer before pressing, then press the second color on top. Now you have a 2 color or 2 pattern foil design with a distressed effect!

This gorgeous Metallic Arctic Green HTV is 50% off while supplies last! This is the perfect time to stock up on all the Arctic Green your heart desires. This Arctic Green HTV looks amazing next to our Pearlescent and Rose Gold. Grab it before its gone!
At Happy Crafters, we want to do more than just provide you with vinyl. We want to be able to help your business grow into exactly what you want. Want to make your own hours? Want to only work this job on the side? Whatever your answers are, we want to help.
For that reason, we always try to provide you with the answers to the hard questions. This ebook is no different! Download the free ebook to learn how to sell on Etsy, Facebook, in person, at Craft Shows, and more! 
This ebook is completely free and full of pricing, marketing, and photography tips. You know how to make your product, but maybe you need a little help figuring out how to make it look the best. Maybe you need some help staging your product photos, or maybe you need some help learning how to advertise on Facebook. Whatever the case, we think you’ll be able to learn a few things from this free ebook. 
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