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How To Use Siser® EasySubli®

How To Use Siser® EasySubli®

Have you been looking for a way to print beautiful multicolor designs that can be applied to polyester or cotton garments of any color? EasySubli® heat transfer vinyl might just be the perfect solution for you! This vinyl works with the Sawgrass SG400 printer and Siser® EasySubli® Inks which you can find here.


Siser EasySubli works a little differently from the other types of HTV that we carry, so here’s a brief tutorial of how to work with this new iron-on sublimation material!



Step 1: Print

Once you have your Sawgrass sublimation printer set up, use your preferred cutter and use the print/cut settings to prepare your file to print. Do not mirror your image. Load EasySubli into the printer shiny side up, and send your file to the Sawgrass printer.


Step 2: Cure

Once your design is done printing, the colors will look a little washed out – don’t panic! They will become fully vibrant once applied. But before cutting and applying you’ll first need to cure your EasySubli. To cure your vinyl you will need to place it a few inches below your fully heated heat press or iron for one minute.


Step 3: Cut

After your design has properly cured, feed it through your cutter and finish the print/cut process. DO NOT MIRROR. The EasySubli cut settings for Silhouette are below:




Speed: 8

Force: 15





Step 4: Mask (or don't!)

Make sure to purchase the high-tack EasySubli mask to properly apply any design with multiple pieces. If your design is a solid piece, you can just peel it from the backing by hand and place it on your shirt. If using a mask, carefully place it over your cut and weeded design and use firm pressure to properly mask your design. Once the mask is applied, peel up vinyl from the plastic backing and position on your garment.




Step 5: Apply

Apply EasySubli with a heat press at 310º for 10-15 seconds. If you are using a Cricut EasyPress always make sure to adjust your temperature 5-10º higher than the recommended temperature and press for 30 seconds on one side, making sure to flip over your garment and pressing a second time from the reverse side. Use this same method with a home iron set on the cotton/linen setting.




Make sure to check out the application instructions below for more information on working with Siser EasySubli! And as always, if you have any questions or concerns make sure to give us a call at 1.888.888.4154 or send us an email to !

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