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How to Apply HTV on Wood

How to Apply HTV on Wood

Did you know that you can apply Siser® Heat Transfer Vinyl onto wood? This can open a whole new door of possibilities, colors, and textures! With this method, you can enjoy beautiful Siser® Glitter, Siser® Holographic, Happy Crafters Craft Perfect, and so many more on your signs or wood projects!


Getting Started

            You first want to find your project inspiration or decide what you’re going to create. I decided to grab one a spare piece of wood and create a cute “phases of the moon” decorative display. But this will work with any type of wood you have laying around your home!

            The next step is to prepare the wood. It is recommended that you sand and put some type of stain or paint down on the wood before applying your heat transfer vinyl, although raw wood works too. This helps remove or smooth down the little splinters and uneven patches of the wood to help the HTV adhere better and look smoother on the surface. I gave mine a nice coat of purple acrylic paint. Heat transfer vinyl adheres much better to a rougher piece of wood versus using adhesive sticky vinyl too! So, if you’re trying to use Siser EasyPSV or Oracal permanent vinyl and having no luck, you might want to change it up and try HTV instead.

Then cut your file using your vinyl cutting software, weed it, and press it on your wood! For our Siser® Glitter, it is recommended that you press it on a temperature of 320 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 seconds on medium pressure. Just remember; always follow the instructions that are for the type of vinyl you are applying to your project – not for what you are applying on. Putting HTV on wood is not too much different than putting it on a shirt. Make sure your surface is flat and adjust your pressure on your heat press accordingly. If you are using a hand iron or a Cricut Easypress, make sure you are putting a decent amount of pressure down.

Do you still have questions about using heat transfer vinyl on wood? Get in touch with us! We’re happy to help clear up any of your questions or concerns so that you can craft in confidence. 

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