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Happy Crafters 2 Step Foil - Step 2 Foil

Create trendy foil designs without spending a fortune or fighting to weed a foil design.
You will need both the adhesive and the foil to apply this product. Choose your foil color.
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Standard Foil HTV looks great, but it can be expensive and hard to work with. Now, you can use this adhesive and foil to create stunning designs without spending a fortune or fighting with your cutter. These foils work like screenprint foils meaning you'll cut the adhesive vinyl, apply it, then apply a sheet of this foil over top. The foil magically only sticks to the adhesive. Want to create distressed designs? Crumble that foil in a ball, open it up, then press. Yes, you heard me, easy distressed designs without distressed weeding. 

Select your foil color.

You will need both the adhesive and the foil to use this product. 


• Great For Ironing onto Cotton, Polyester, or Cotton/Poly Blend Materials
• Can Be Used With A Standard Iron
• Apply on top of the adhesive layer
• Roll is 12" x 25'

Roll Width may vary by .5 inches

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