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Happy Crafters Clear Application Tape - 12"

Happy Crafters Clear Application Tape is the perfect accessory for applying adhesive vinyl designs. Use to transfer and place vinyl decals like monograms, letters, and artwork to surfaces.
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Happy Crafters Clear Application Tape allows you to transfer even the most intricate designs such as monograms or lettering easily without losing your design when applying. Tiny letters or pieces of artwork can get jumbled after weeding. Keep them in place exactly as you want them with Clear Application Tape. Simply apply your tape over your cut decals, smooth out using a squeegee or the Lil' Chizler, remove from your vinyl carrier and apply! Once it has been securely applied to the surface, simply remove the tape without any damage or sticky residue left behind. Happy Crafters Clear Application Tape makes applying any design even easier. 

• Available in 6" or 12"
• Won't Leave Sticky Residue or Damage Surfaces
• Makes Applying Difficult Designs Easy
• Tape Roll Available in 100 Yards
• Translucent Color Allows You to Place Graphics More Accurately

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Existing reviews
Pros and Cons
I was really hoping that I would absolutely love this transfer tape... but I just kind of like it. Pros... perfect stickiness! The other tapes I normally use are really really sticky and can be hard to line things up without damaging my decals or make it tricky to actually remove vinyl from the tape during the application process. Cons.... and its a HUGE problem for me... This tape DOES NOT have paper backing! I'm heart broken. I sell decals and most of my vinyls are multiple colors/small cuts layered together. Therefore, once I am done layering, I need a paper backing large enough for my finished decal. I am so disappointed. If this tape was backed.... I would absolutely love it, but that is not the case.  
From: Jennifer | Date: 12/11/2016 8:46 PM
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Love it & recommend it!
I am on my second roll of the 6" transfer tape.  After loving the 6"  roll I decided to buy the 12" one for my longer stickers.  The product is the same, it's just longer and good for stickers that are thicker.  I more often use my 6" roll more, since it is a perfect size for most of my vinyl stickers.  But the 12" roll is definitely good to have as well for those times you need a larger transfer paper.  I highly recommend these rolls & they have been amazing for me when making all my vinyl stickers.  You get a lot for your money, they last long!  
From: Kyla | Date: 1/5/2018 1:51 PM
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Dont like it at all
This was not what it makes it out to be. Its hard to get my decals to stick on what I'm putting them on such  as car window cups ect. The vinyl does not want to come off the transfer tape. I have messed up several decals because of this. I do not recommend this item which I hate to say because I love shopping on this site. But I just lost my money on this item.
From: melissa | Date: 4/25/2018 1:48 PM
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Love this application Tape!!
This is the best price application tape available ANYWHERE.  and it's worth every penny!  I haven't had any problems with this product at all, I absolutely love it.  
From: kori | Date: 6/19/2018 7:48 PM
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