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"Grateful" DIY Stenciled Pillow

For this project all you'll need a few things to get started:




Inside this kit you will find everything you need to create your own custom stencils. :)

  • Silhouette stencil vinyl
  • foam brush & sponge
  • idea book
  • instruction DVD
  • paint tray
  • Silhouette download card
  • Silhouette hook tool
  • Silhouette black fabric ink
Silhouette fabric ink comes in lots of colors. You can mix colors & find the perfect color for your projects.
I found this image in the Silhouette online store. It was a print & cut so I just used it as a guide to create my own image using the Aharoni font on my computer. It barely fit in my cutting area.


Then I sent the image to my Silhouette Portrait to cut out using the stencil vinyl that came with my kit.


Then I used my Silhouette hook to weed out the letters. I love this little tool! ;)
Next I inserted a piece of cardboard inside my pillowcase. I found this pillowcase at a craft store for $5. It was soooooo much easier than making one! ;)
Then I flipped it over & put my stencil in place on the front of my pillowcase. You'll need to make sure it's down nice & smooth. You can use a Silhouette scraper to get any bubbles out. Since my design was so close to the edge I put some painters tape around the edge of the vinyl to protect my pillow from getting any ink on it. If your design isn't that big you can probably skip that step.
Next I applied my ink using the foam brush. Just use an up & down tapping motion to apply your ink. 
After the ink is dried completely carefully remove your stencil leaving your design behind.
To set your ink run over it with a hot iron. Next time I'll probably put a piece of cloth on top so I'm not directly on my design. I got a little bit of ink on my iron. Oops! I just cleaned it off with a rag.

Then put your pillow insert inside, fluff your pillow & you are done! :)

I love that this pillow is great for your Thanksgiving decor plus you can leave it out all year long, too!
You can see more of my Silhouette projects over on my blog,
& be sure to follow me on Pinterest for lots of fun ideas!
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