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DIY Personalized Lunch Bag


School doesn't start for another month over here. {yay!} But that doesn't mean this Mom to a soon-to-be-kindergartener isn't already prepping and planning for the school year! I snagged a plain lunchbox on sale and decide to personalize it for my G-man with some heat transfer. Super simple, easy back to school craft! Plus {fingers crossed} it will help him not lose it. ha! {and if he does, it will be really easy to know whose lunchbox it is!}

Here's the lunch box before: personalized-lunch-box-2 

I used my Silhouette CAMEO and some teal heat transfer from Happy Crafters for this craft.

1. I used the text tool in Silhouette Studio and sized it to fit onto his lunchbox.

2. Then I flipped text so that it cut the heat transfer out mirrored.

3. I cut the heat transfer out with my Cameo and weeded the excess material, leaving only the name on the plastic.

4. Unzip your lunch box and lay it on the ironing board with the inside against the ironing board so that you’re working with a flat surface. Then I put my iron on a slightly lower heat than I normally do when using heat transfer and held in place for 45 seconds. {Note: This may not work for all lunch boxes, depending on what material is used on the inside. Do a test in a small spot first.}

5. Allow to cool and then remove plastic.

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