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Decorative Holiday Candles

Christmas is right around the corner! I love taking gifts to my neighbors & friends. I love giving these holiday candles that I personalized with some Happy Crafters vinyl. They are simple, affordable & turn out beautiful. You can't go wrong with that! :)
You'll need a few supplies to get started:

gold matte adhesive vinyl
white matte adhesive vinyl
transfer tape

Silhouette hook tool

this image, this image & this image from the Silhouette online store


First you will open up the images in your Silhouette software. Measure your candles so you'll know how big or small you'll need to cut your vinyl. Re-size your images as needed.
Next send your images to your Silhouette to cut.
After your vinyl is cut remove the excess vinyl by carefully pulling it away from your design.
Your piece of vinyl will look like this.
Use your Silhouette hook tool to remove any small pieces of vinyl like the inside of the o.
Then put a piece of transfer tape on top of your design.
When you buy your candles sure your candles have an easy peel label.
It will make this project much easier! ;)
Remove your candle label, & then apply your vinyl lettering. So pretty!
These turn out so simple & beautiful!


These are definitely an easy gift idea that your friend & family will love!
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