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Decorating Your Table for Christmas with Vinyl

Decorating Your Table for Christmas with Vinyl

So, you invited some folks over for a holiday gathering and got all the ingredients and recipes you need…but then you look at your dining table and realize the typical setup won’t cut it.  Whether you want to go over the top or keep it subtle yet fun and festive, these easy decorative touches can be whipped up with a vinyl cutter and vinyl in minutes.  Mix and match different items to make your perfect holiday table with vinyl and impress your guests (even if you burn the stuffing).


Customized Decorative Hanger

For this project I was going to Hobby Lobby to buy a precut piece of wood.  I stumbled across this gem on the clearance section pre-painted with a ribbon attached for hanging, for under $3.  Not only was it cheaper than buying the precut-out wood piece, it also saved me time in paining it!  All I needed to do was embellish it.  I wanted to turn it into a hanger for my long necklaces.  So I picked up a knob to add to the center as well.


Personalized Jewelry Trays

A melamine appetizer plate + adhesive vinyl decal creates a cute small gift idea!

jewelry junk tray tutorial


• Adhesive Vinyl from Happy Crafters
• Transfer Paper
• Small Melamine Appetizer Plates (I purchased mine a few years ago from Target but check the dollar stores)

Measure flat center area of pla...


Front Door Decal

Front Door Vinyl Hello decal. Love this instead of 'welcome'!

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Front Door Hello Vinyl Decal

Looking for a fun way to refresh your front door this spring? Add a new hello vinyl greeting! I changed ours to 'hello' instead of 'welcome' and love the new look! I think hello is a bit m...