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Craft Perfect Laundry Bag (with free cut file!)

Hi everyone, Elisha here! I am super excited to announce that not only do we have a new product, but that it is quite possibly my favorite vinyl I’ve ever used (and I hope it will be yours too)!

Introducing Printed Transfers!

Introducing Printed Transfers!

Have you ever been working on a complicated layered design and wished that there was a simpler way to get the same effect? Well, we just added a new addition to the Happy Crafters family that may just save you a few headaches.


Metallic Word Pillow

Word pillows are so fun and easy to make - especially when you start with a pre-made pillow. Add a little metallic vinyl, and you've got an easy project that is totally customizable to be completely you.

trendy hello pillow  

First you'll only need two things: a plain pillow cover (if you don't have one, I have an eas...


"The Incredibles" Iron On Tutorial

This post is brought to you by Happy Crafters. All opinions are 100% mine!

layered heat transfer tutorial

I used 3 different colors of heat transfer vinyl for the logo: black, yellow, and orange.

Layered Heat Transfer Tutorial

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 9.34.42 PM

  1. Using the circle tool, I created 3 ovals and used the text tool for the "i".
  2. Then I used the e...