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Ombre Flower Pots Tutorial

It's summer time which means its gardening time! Roeshel of DIYShowOff shows you how to create an awesome flower pot disply for your garden or as a welcoming addition to your walkway!

We've always been so busy with (in)side the house projects, that decorating outside hasn't been a priority but this year, I've been especially happy to celebrate summer after I created this awesome way to display my flowers! I wanted to spruce up the yard a little with some colorful flower pots and that's exactly what I've accomplished. I do promise (I think) that this is the last DIY flower pot project of 2013.

Stacked Stenciled Ombre Flower Pots Tutorial


• Terra cotta flower pots (5 different sizes from smaller to bigger) • DecoArt Patio Paint (1 Blue Jay Blue, 1 Robin's Egg Blue, 1 Blue Bahama, 2 Cloud White, 1 Woodland brown) • Vinyl stencils (I created mine with my Silhouette Cameo and vinyl from my sponsor, Happy Crafters). • Krylon Clear Coat • Rebar (mine is 42") • Potting soil and flowers • Optional: Curtain rod finial (I found mine at a thrift store and spray painted it white)

Ombre Flower Pots Tutorial: I purchased three colors blue and two bottles of white patio paint to create 5 colors in styrofoam bowls:

• Blue Jay Blue • 50/50 Blue Jay Blue and Robin's Egg Blue • Robin's Egg Blue • 50/50 Robin's Egg Blue and Blue Bahama • Blue Bahama

deco art patio paint|

For each pot, I started with one of the base colors listed above. Using a foam brush, I started on the bottom, "feathering" the paint. To help the painting/drying process, I elevated my pots (see below).

painting terra cotta flower pots

Then added white to my chosen base color and feathered another row on the same pot, working my way around the pot, added more white and repeated.

ombre flower pot tutorial

When the bottom was dry, I flipped the terra cotta pot over then added more white to my paint and finished all the way to the top and a little down into the inside.  I did the above steps for each paint color, for each flower pot. I mixed all of my left over paint together and painted the insides of my flower pots too!

painting flower pots

I flipped them over, painted the bottoms, and let them dry overnight.

painting terracotta flower pots

Next, using my Silhouette Cameo and vinyl from Happy Crafters, I created vinyl stencils with this little quote:

Your mind is a garden.

Your thoughts are the seeds.

You can grow flowers.

Or you can grow weeds.

After I made sure the sizing was correct for each pot, I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut vinyl stencils.

Happy Crafters

Since I'm using the vinyl as a stencil, I peeled away the lettering.

creating a vinyl stencil

Applied the transfer paper and peeled away the wax paper like backing...

vinyl stencil

and applied the stencils to my flower pots. Since the pots are curved, I found it easiest to apply each line of stencil text individually to be sure they were smooth against the pot. Rub with a credit card, or a squeegee then peel away transfer paper.

applying vinyl stencil to terra cotta

Next, I filled in the lettering with brown patio paint.

stenciled terra cotta pots

As soon as I was done paiting, I removed the vinyl stencils and let everything dry for at least 72 hours according to the patio paint's instructions.

painting and stenciling terra cotta pots

I then gave the insides and outsides a spray of protective clear coat.

sealing painted terra cotta pots

Once they dried, it was time to plant! I even tried to find flowers in purples ranging from dark to light for an extra ombre effect...

purple ombre flowers


And followed Beth's instructions for stacking my flower pots at Home Stories A to Z utilizing rebar.

stacking terra cotta pots

Don't forget to water!

stacked ombre flower pots

Then topped off the rebar with my finial...


stacked ombre flower pots tutorial

This post is sponsored. Vinyl and transfer paper supped by Happy Crafters.


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