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Blog posts of '2015' 'June'


July 4th 'American' Pillow

Hello! It's Ginger from, & I am so excited to be back here at Happy Crafters. 4th of July is this week! Eek! I love all things red, white & blue, & I love the foil & glitter heat transfer vinyl you can find at Happy Crafters. They were the perfect thing to use to make this spar...

Customized Decorative Hanger

For this project I was going to Hobby Lobby to buy a precut piece of wood.  I stumbled across this gem on the clearance section pre-painted with a ribbon attached for hanging, for under $3.  Not only was it cheaper than buying the precut-out wood piece, it also saved me time in paining it!  All I needed to do was embellish it.  I wanted to turn it into a hanger for my long necklaces.  So I picked up a knob to add to the center as well.


Flip Flop Pool Tote

Hi! It's Ginger from I am so excited to be back sharing another fun tutorial with you! Summer is here! Yay! My kiddos got out of school this week. Annnnd we can't wait to hit the pool (after the rain stops!). We always carry a ton of stuff down to our neighborhood pool. So w...

Vinyl Room Decor - "Crib" Appeal

Add some color and personalization to your crib with adhesive vinyl. 

Materials I used: Happy Crafters adhesive vinyl x 2 colors 
Tools Needed: Scissors

Jazz up your crib for under $10 with DIY adhesive vinyl decals. Tutorial @diyshowoff

The Oracle brand adhesive vinyl from Happy Crafters has a grid on the back side. Using scissors, simply cut strips of adhesive vinyl to size. No v...