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DIY Lake House Sign

With such a crazy busy summer behind us, my boyfriend and I thought we spend our Labor Day weekend up at Deep Creek Lake for some much needed R&R. Thankfully, his grandma owns a beautiful, lake-front condo for us to use just for these types of occasions! J As a way to say thank you, I decided to mak...


DIY Polka Dot Dishwasher Decal

Why have an ordinary dishwasher when you can make it oh so adorable with just a little vinyl? This easy project can be done in minutes, yet it adds big impact to a basic boring appliance.

DIY Polka Dot Dishwasher

In order to make your own DIY polka dot dishwasher, you will need the following items:

Vinyl Polka Dot Dishwasher

 Adhesive Vinyl

• Level

• Yardstick or Tape Measure

• Dry Erase Marker

Project Time: 15 minutes

First step: cut out polka dots on your sheet of vinyl using your Silhouette Vinyl Cutter (or other craft machine). If you don't have a craft machine, try using a hole puncher or hand cutting circles out.

Easy Silhouette Project

Next step, math time. Don't get too stressed, its not that bad. First, make a mark on where you'd like your lines to be. Secon,d how many of these lines do you want and space them out evenly. I chose six lines for this project. Measure lines two inches from the top, then mark the next line every three inches, so you leave two inches at the bottom.


Take your level and using the dry erase marker, make all of those lines horizontal. *Only use a dry erase marker. Permanent is permanent! Be sure to test a small area before you mark up your whole dishwasher.


In order to create the offset look with your dots, you will need to create twio different figures. The first rows were done 5 inches apart. Find the center, draw a line vertically, then measure from that point to the ends.


Next, measure half way between the vertical lines and draw more vertical lines. Make unique marks or symbols to differentiate the pattern - I used A's and B's, 1's and 2's for my project. Where lines A & 1 connect was the first row, B & 2 made the second row. Alternate this to get the pattern.


Using your finger, simply rub out the cross section, preferably in a circle, put the dot in the middle of your rubbed out area, and move to the next space.


Once all the math is done, the rest of the project moves really quickly.


After all the dots are in place, simply wipe off the rest of the marker and you're done! A DIY polka dot dishwasher!

Thanks to Happy Crafters for partnering on this post. All ideas & words are 100% my own.