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Exit Sign Door Decal

Adhesive vinyl decals are an awesome, inexpensive way to personalize your home. See how Gina of The Shabby Creek Cottage transformed a plain back door, into a a more personal exitway.

A few years ago, I decided my back door needed a fresh coat of paint and some kind of sign on it. I chose to go with black, and although I loved it, it still wasn’t quite right. The exit sign was great too but once I saw it in person, it didn’t do much for me. In the midst of another project, I came across the perfect black for my door, the kind of black I originally wanted. Yes, there are definitely different shades of black, and yes I am a tad picky. {P.S. The Valspar Pantone Jet Black is amazing!}

So, I painted the door again with my new black but I still wanted to re-do the exit sign, I just wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. I wanted something more bolder and bigger and I wanted something the represented an actual exit sign. Well, instead of rummaging through stores to find one, I made it of course! :)



What you'll need for this project:

• Surface to hold vinyl (I used my door)

• Sheet of white vinyl

• Painter's tape

• Craft knife

• Silhouette Machine

Time to complete project:

• 10 minutes or less

Once my paint job was complete and of course, dry, I used my sheet of white adhesive vinyl from Happy Crafters.. I like using a sheet versus a roll because I don’t like to spend money on more material than what I need. When I do, it ends up sitting stuffed in the bottom of a box somewhere just taking up unnecessary space. No thank you. A 12” x 24” sheet is perfect for these projects and works awesome with my large Silhouette mat. I don’t deal well with having to measure how much I need, cutting what I think will work, and then fining out I was wrong. I’m a much happier lady with these pre-cut sheets. :)

So, once I measured where I wanted to place my sign, I created my text on my Silhouette software (I chose Arial Black Font) and within the next 30 seconds, my vinyl was cut and ready to go.


Using my craft knife, I scored the vinyl so I could save my remaining vinyl for future uses, staying thrifty over here! Peel off the negative vinyl (the vinyl surrounding your text or graphic) leaving only the letters.

*Tip: When using transfer vinyl, I’ve found that painters tape is great in helping grab the letters for application.

Your letters will peel right off so easily!
Now the tricky part: putting the letters exactly where I want them as I pictured in my head. Once this is done, I rubbed down the letters using either a credit card or scraper so that the letters are securely adhered to the door before I remove the painters tape (be careful!). Total time: 5 minutes…seriously.

Perfect. Now I have the bold, chunky look I want and if some time down the road I say, “eh, not into this anymore,” I can just peel the vinyl off and try a new look! For an indecisive girl like me, I’d like to believe this is a win!

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