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DIY Dining Room Wall Art

Have a room in your house that requires a more creative approach or need to add some flare to a plain jane wall? Blogger, Roeshel of shows how she took her dining room space and added a spark of interior design.
Since the dining room door slides to the right, it means I can't hang most things like framed art, a clock or mirror in that space if I want to leave the door open. (Shown above) I can't push that door any further than the mirror, otherwise, the door will knock it clear off of the wall.
Earlier this week I posted a DIY foamboard project that I used as a fun gallery wall background that meshes well in almost any room...
I started to think about this...foam board is lightweight AND thin, and would work great in our dining room. Perfect wall art material to fit nicely behind a sliding door. This is also how I figured out that painting foam board isn't such a great idea. It warps and bows but, I'm still loving my project.Using FrogTape, I taped off alternating stripes. Make sure to press down the edges securely to activate the PaintBlock Technology (to keep the paint from seeping under the tape).
Then painted my stripes. (I think a Sharpie or decorative tape would be better to use.)
My FrogTape did remove the paper backing in places but now gives my finished project an aged, distressed look. Even though it didn't go according to plan, it worked out pretty well!I created my own vinyl decals (flatware silhouettes and the letters "D I N E") with my Silhouette Cameo. Vinyl and transfer paper provided by Happy Crafters.
I then used a glaze to "stain" the bright white stripes plus the areas where the paper pulled off with the FrogTape.
Here's the distressed look once my paper pulled away:
Since my foamboard is bowed, I did try adding weight to it for a while with some heavy books. Needless to say, It didn't help. But I hung it up anyway using command strips. Even with the warping, it's still looks great behind the sliding door...
Now with the sliding door open..
Not bad, right? Today's lesson: don't paint foam board. It's lightweight, thin feel means I'll definitely be creating another DIY foam board project for this space. Perfect addition to my dining room.
*This post is brought to you by FrogTape. FrogTape provided by Shurtech. The opinions are completely my own based on my own experience. For more FrogTape projects ideas, check out the FrogTape Blog Squad.
*This is a sponsored post. Vinyl and transfer paper provided by Happy Crafters.
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