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About Us


Chelsea Hellen | Brand Manager

Hi guys! I’m Chelsea. I am the Craft Conductor here at Happy Crafters. So, what does that mean? It’s basically a fancy way of saying that I’m in charge of making sure you guys get to see all the awesome stuff that we are designing and creating here and I love it. I ended up in the craft world as a happy accident.

I’ve always been a creative person. I’ve been involved in photography since I was a freshman in high school. After high school, I took an editing position at a photography studio. That wasn’t enough though, so I took a customer service position that introduced me to the world of vinyl and the Silhouette Cameo®. From then on, I knew I wanted to be more involved with craft vinyl and cutters. With Happy Crafters opening in my new hometown, it was the perfect chance to become more involved in the vinyl world.

Outside of my time here at Happy Crafters, I’m a wedding photographer, a dog mom to my two fur children, and a wife. I spend most of my time outside of work on home projects, editing photos, or playing softball.


Elisha Rush Graphic Designer

Hi everyone! I’m Elisha, Happy Crafters’ graphic designer! 

I love making things, either on the computer or with my hands. You can almost always catch me doodling something in my sketchbook or reading a comic book. Growing up I helped my dad sell his woodworks at craft shows meaning that crafts sort of run in my blood. I also endured a fair amount of x-acto knife and hot glue gun injuries during my time in art school so crafts are likely LITERALLY in my blood at this point.

I think creativity makes the world a much better place to live, so what are you doing still reading this bio? Get out there and make something!


Caitlin Burton Craft Wizard

I grew up in Blacksburg, Virginia and have always been a creative person, starting when I got kicked out of elementary school for coloring on the floor.  After that strong start to my education, I pursued the creative outlet of competitive dance where I excelled at the national level.  Part of my experience with dance is that I always enjoyed as both a student and teacher was costume design and creation, because of the challenge of creating a visual aesthetic that complimented the physical performance.  I continued my formal education at Virginia Tech where I received my bachelor’s degree in interior design in 2013.  After working in the world of interior design for 3 years in Charlotte, NC, the loft apartment I lived in and designed was featured in Charlotte Home and Garden magazine for the summer 2016 issue.  I am thrilled to be a part of the Happy Crafters team so I can continue to grow and diversify my experience and knowledge in this creativity-driven business.   


Gretchen Frantz Craft Concierge

Hey Everyone! I am Gretchen. I am the Craft Concierge. That means I am the lucky girl who gets to talk to you when you text, email, call or come visit us in the store! I love meeting you all and hearing about all the cool projects you are making.

I love making things myself and I am learning so many neat things since I started working here and have been introduced to the vinyl world. I have been married to my hot husband for a long time. We have three fabulous kiddos, four great hunting dogs, and one beautiful bulldog! I love planning parties and events and working in my flower gardens. Ribbon, balloons, confetti and cotton candy are a few of my favorite things!  


Abbie Robaugh Craft Curator

Hey guys, I’m Abbie and I’m the Craft Curator here at Happy Crafters. I’m not sure that anyone knows what that actually means, but all in all, my work days have one sole purpose- making sure that each and every one of you is a Happy Crafter!

I got started in the world of vinyl when I took a customer service position for a company that specialized in larger format vinyl and vinyl cutters. I knew that there was a lot of potential for a crafty twist on vinyl, but didn’t realize that it was already a “thing”. Since joining the Happy Crafters team, I have seen so many awesome examples of what you crafters can really do. I couldn’t be happier that my job is to make sure you love our vinyl and everything that we stand for!

Welcome to Happy Crafters!

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