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3 Tips for Shipping Your Craft Business Products

3 Tips for Shipping Your Craft Business Products

Figuring out the best way to package and ship your crafts can be a major headache. It always seems like the options are endless, but none of them guarantee an economical way to get your product to your customer while ensuring it arrives in one piece. Believe me, we’ve all had our fair share of shipping disasters and headaches, but now we can help you avoid these same mistakes!

"Don’t let having to ship your products deter you from selling online."

Shipping your craft products opens you up to a significantly larger market. If you aren’t shipping your products, you’re probably meeting your customers somewhere in town, which is great, except it limits you to only local customers.

Once you’re ready to start selling online, I recommend deciding on packaging first. The last thing you want is to list a product for sale online without having a plan for how you are getting that customer the product. If you take care of this first, you’ll have a better estimate of the cost of your packaging and shipping.


1) Ship your items in the smallest possible package without cramming them.

This helps keep your shipping costs down while also preventing the items from moving around too much in the boxes.

2)  Make sure your packaging is sturdy.

You don’t want your box or tube to fall apart before the customer receives it. Make sure to tape all areas of the package that you think could open or come apart during transit. If you’re shipping a print or paper, use cardboard backing so that the package doesn’t get bent easily.

3) Use bubble wrap, packing peanuts, newspaper, or some other type of packaging to protect fragile items.

Some of the hardest things to ship are the ones that could break in transit. Pack them tight with packing materials, making sure to label the box as “fragile” or mark “do not bend” on thin packages. Selling mugs? In my opinion, packaging for these is the worst. The handle always seems to be susceptible to breaking, but did you know you can find mug boxes that come with foam inserts that fit perfectly around a standard mug?


CRAFTY TIP: Personalizing your packaging with things like custom tape, address labels, or other embellishments will help your customers remember you and your brand.


Should you insure your packages? 

Before you decide if you should pay extra to ensure your package, find out the amount of insurance that comes with your shipping. Typically, USPS includes insurance up to $50 value. If your finished product can be replaced for under that amount, I wouldn’t worry about additional insurance. If the product you’re shipping costs a lot more than $50 to create, then I would consider it.

UPS & FedEx both include insurance for up to $100 on their packages. This being said, filing a claim for any of the shipping companies isn’t an easy or pleasant experience, but it beats losing money.


Now that you've read this blog, hopefully, you are more confident in taking your product photos. If you'd like more tips on how to sell your crafts and how to grow your craft business, download the free ebook "How to Grow Your Craft Business" by entering your email below! 

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