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3 Reasons To Try This New, Quick to Apply, and Easy to Use HTV !

3 Reasons To Try This New, Quick to Apply, and Easy to Use HTV !

The secret is out, and Happy Cut has officially gone LIVE to the site! It will only take 1 project for you to realize how magical this heat transfer really is. This new product has so many benefits, but we decided to compile our top three:

1. The Price!

I think everyone can agree with this one ;) Whether you are crafting as a hobby or selling your items for profit, it’s always nice to find a deal. Being crafters ourselves, we understand how important the price point can be. You want your hobby to be enjoyable, and that means it MUST be affordable as well. For those that have created businesses, this will give you even more of a margin! With more and more competition in this field, prices for items can completely set you apart.


Happy Cut is only $2.50 for a 12” x 12” sheet. If you love it as much as we do and want to order it in bulk, then your price gets even better!

Need larger sizes? We sell it in 12” rolls as well.

2. Quick Application

Saving time can be even more important than saving money. With Happy Cut, your pressing time can be as little as 5 seconds! Since you will be reducing your time in half, you’ll have even more to watch your favorite Netflix show. In addition to the short press time, it is also applied at a lower temperature! This reduces the chance of an error and will help all of our iron users get the perfect press. As if you needed another reason, this also opens up your options to what blanks you can heat apply to. Some materials will melt when you are trying to heat apply vinyl at 320 degrees or higher. With Happy Cut around 275, you have even more flexibility.

3. Versatility

Happy Cut can be used for almost any project! With most of the colors in a matte finish (only excludes gold and silver) it easily becomes a fan favorite. The material is very thin, which makes layering a breeze. This means no restrictions on what to pair it with!


If you need further inspiration make sure to check out these free cut files that we made just for Happy Cut! Download them here.

We are so happy with this product and can’t wait to see what you create with it. You can purchase Happy Cut here. Be sure to tag us in all of your creations!



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