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10 Gifts to Buy the Silhouette or Cricut Crafter

10 Gifts to Buy the Silhouette or Cricut Crafter

It can be tough to find the perfect Christmas gift for a crafter. Those of us crafty ladies with Silhouette machines or CriCut vinyl cutters would be THRILLED to get vinyl and craft related gifts, am I right?

If you need a present that will stand out to your crafty wife, girlfriend, sister, mom, or friends and coworkers, you landed in the right place.

If you are the CriCut-crafting wife, girlfriend, sister, mom, or friend then we suggest you pass this list on to someone who might need help shopping for the perfect gift for you!

So here it is! The list of the best gifts for Cricut and Silhouette lovers!

1) Why not start with the most desirable gift? This Pink Heat Press is the perfect gift for any heat transfer vinyl users from seasoned professionals to newbie crafters.
         If you’re the husband or boyfriend buying it- you’ll be happy to hear this is made of quality, sturdy metal. It also comes with a full 1-year warranty!

pink heat press

2) Extra cutting mats are seriously a lifesaver. You can never have too many!

silhouette cutting mat

3) Heat press pillows are an awesome gift for the vinyl queen in your life. They make sure you get good pressure when items have heavy seams, zippers, or buttons.

heat press pillows

4) A roll feeder for the Silhouette vinyl cutting machine is a win. It allows you to use rolls of vinyl in your machine without cutting the rolls down and using your mat.

roll feeder silhouette

5) A few extra cutting blades are something every crafty chick should have on hand. You never know when you’ll get into a pinch and need to replace yours.  Consumables are always appreciated!

silhouette cutting blade

6) Weeder/weeding tools often get misplaced. You also never know when you’ll need an extra so that hubby or friends can help with large weeding jobs. Wink wink.

vinyl weeding tool

7) A squeegee! It’s cute, small, pink, and mighty. Use it to squeegee your adhesive vinyl onto a surface or to remove it.

lil squeegee

8) This massive roll of transfer tape is something that no crafter in their right mind would refuse. It’s super easy to work with and is 300 feet long so it will cover tons of projects!

transfer tape vinyl

9) Gift Cards are foolproof gifts. A Happy Crafters gift card will let your vinyl crafter pick out all their own accessories and vinyl!

happy crafters gift card

10) All of the above! Use some creativity or borrow some of our ideas here to create a gift basket full of crafting goodies. We promise this will leave your vinyl obsessed gift-getter jumping for joy.


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